Until the Last Drop

Marketing & Awareness Campaign

Modesto Irrigation District hired FCM to develop a multi-year marketing, PR and awareness campaign highlighting the Don Pedro Dam, one of the largest dams of its kind in the US. The project included a cross-functional marketing campaign in print, TV and digital platforms.

Our Role
Art Direction
Sound Design
About the client

Modesto Irrigation District

Modesto Irrigation District, one of the first public utility districts in California, hired FCM to develop a comprehensive marketing and public relations campaign to build awareness of issues surrounding agriculture, sustainable energy sources, and relicensing the Don Pedro Dam, pone of the largest hydroelectric dams in the US.

/ Challenge

As part of a multi-year relicensing process, Modesto irrigation District was looking to create local, regional and national awareness of the rivers and dams throughout California's Central Valley, foothills, and northern basin.

/ Strategy

We developed a multi-channel marketing campaign and branding campaig The campaign was focused on emphasizing the need for balanced science along three key rivers in Central California: Merced River, Stanislaus River, and the Tuolumne River.

/ Creative

Our visual story was based on creating a soft, gentle view of a complex issue. The focus of the identity was to heighten awareness of the issues that face local water, including shortages in California's Central Valley. The name Until the Last Drop was chosen to offer the viewer a sense of urgency to the matter.

/ Outcome

Our approach included a comprehensive PR campaign, targeting agriculture, elected officials, and local community leaders. Over a multi-year period, we produced more than a dozen videos highlighting the issue, including a feature-length, award-winning documentary airing on YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and regional broadcast networks in the Sacramento, Fresno, and San Francisco Bay area markets.

The documentary has been viewed over 1 million times between each platform, and is the winner of four film festival awards.