Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

The Project

FCM was approached by the United Way of Stanislaus County to help tell the organizations story through an integrated marketing campaign. They were looking to define the historical significance of the United Way in the local community, and connect the community to the work happening now, and how that will help define the future.

Our Role
Integrated Campaign
Art Direction
Digital and Print Advertising
Video Production
Website Design
About the Client

United Way of Stanislaus County

The United Way of Stanislaus County has spent the last sixty years dedicated to improving the well being of individuals and families in the local community. They take on challenges and tackle problems others shy away from. However, they also often take a background role as they leverage their vast network, funding, resources and expertise to support more specialized organizations to carry out their missions.

/ Challenges

The local community knows of the United Way, but not exactly what they do and the extent of their support. It is especially challenging as United Way often leverages its funds and network to support other, smaller and more specialized organizations. 

This campaign also had the added challenge of happening during the early period of the COVID-19 pandemic. It naturally affected everyday operations, production and communication but the real challenge came in the tight turn around for the campaign to launch as United Way had received 1 million dollars to support the local community. It was essential for the awareness campaign to assist in informing the community that there was aid available. 

United Way also supports the operation of 211, an important resource service hotline. This was an essential addon to the campaign as it served a crucial role during the pandemic. The more people knew of the service, the more they could be directed to the proper resources they were in need of.

/ Strategy

Our creative process revealed the significance of human-centered stories with the United Way brand. As a result, we felt that using “local influencers” or prominent members of the community to tell their stories of how United Way helped support their missions. This tactic also had the added benefit of giving a spotlight to other local agencies and programs that also served the community. It was a great way to demonstrate the collaboration and unity of the community as it endured the effects of the pandemic. 

It was determined that an integrated awareness campaign would be the most effective way to share the United Way story. The campaign would be driven by four goals.


Create awareness of United Way of Stanislaus County and its role in the community.


Highlight the support United Way as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.


Stimulate conversation of United Way.


Promote the 211 service.

/ Creative

We were looking to define the historical significance of UWSC in our community, while tieing to the current work and future plans for the organization in order to connect the community to the work happening now, and how that will help define the future. The campaign will take the audience on a journey that connects the past, present and future through influencers (key community members impacted by the work).


Focused on heritage and older members who have been involved in the community.


Focused on figures who are currently active in the community or relating to COVID-19


Focused on the younger generation of people who are involved in the future of the community

Digital Ads

Ad campaign (Digital & Print) to help increase awareness and drive community involvement with UW

Social Media

Influencer Videos

Interview of people and organizations aided by the immediate relief and support of UW.

See all of the interviews on their website.

Visit the website

/ Outcome

The campaign was well received. The United Way team was thrilled with the art direction and the attention to detail. They felt that FCM had captured the essence of the campaign and the heart of their mission. 

Key to the success of the campaign was the close collaboration and partnership of the United Way team and FCM. This allowed our teams to build trust and determine the best way to tell the United Way story.